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Founded in 1948 by Mr. Georges Dumas and set up in Touraine over 60 years ago, the Dumas Scientific Glassware manufactures customised glass devices for research, scientific education, decoration and health, amongst others.

Our fields of application:

Traditionally specialised in the food and agriculture industry, the renowned Dumas Laboratory glass works is well recognised by milk analysis laboratories for its instruments used to evaluate the proportion of milk fat in milk and dairy products (butyrometers) and by oenological analysis laboratories, owing to its wide range of alcoholmeters, hydrometers, and analysis instruments. Nowadays, we also work with companies from other industrial sectors, and offer services for decoration and interior design, for example.

Our trade:

From single parts to small or medium-volume production, our products are namely manufactured by lamp-blowing borosilicate, soda lime or quartz glass tubes.
Boasting a team of 20 persons, including 8 glassblowers, we are able to meet all requests, whether issued by professionals or private individuals.

Our quality procedure:

The company adopted a quality procedure very early on, and has NF standard approval for most of its manufacturing processes. At all stages of production, operators carry out internal qualitative and quantitative checks, the results of which are then approved by an independent quality manager. A state control procedure is carried out for certain products by the LNE (National Test Laboratory).
Owing to this constant attention, our renowned products are widely recognised by research and analysis laboratories and by a number of major suppliers of laboratory consumables.

Our brands:

VEREXA for laboratory glassware and oenological analysis instruments.
VERPRECIS for calibrated and dairy items.

"Whether you are users or distributors of laboratory glassware, laboratory consumables, oenological, dairy or chemical goods, please do not hesitate to contact us!"

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