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Founded in 1948 and settled in Touraine for more than 60 years, Verrerie Dumas manufactures custom-made laboratory glassware for research, education, chemistry, agro-food, health and decoration. From single parts to small or medium-volume production, their products are mainly manufactured by glassblowing using blowtorch technique and produced in high quality borosilicate, sodalime or quartz glass tubes.

Traditionally specialized in the agro-food industry, Verrerie Dumas is well-known for its butyrometers in dairy industries. It is also a reference in the oenological analysis laboratories, with a wide range of alcohol meters, hydrometers, analytical devices, as well as chemical laboratories for its custom-made products ...

Today, Verrerie Dumas works with companies from other industrial sectors, and has diversified into the design of high-precision and quality custom installation solutions.

Our quality procedure:

The company adopted a quality approach very early on and obtained the French Norm (NF) for some of its products. At all stages of production, operators perform a qualitative and quantitative self-check, then validated by an independent quality manager. State control is also carried out on certain products by the LNE (National Testing Laboratory). Thanks to this constant attention, the products manufactured within the Verrerie Dumas are widely recognized by research laboratories, analyzes and by major suppliers of laboratory consumables.

Our brands:

VEREXA for laboratory glassware and oenological analysis instruments.
VERPRECIS for calibrated and dairy items.
VERART our decoration and design department.

"Whether you are users or distributors of laboratory glassware, laboratory consumables, oenological, dairy or chemical goods, please do not hesitate to contact us!"

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