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      Separating funnels

Separating funnels are used to separate two immiscible liquids. The two phases generally consist of one aqueous and one organic (ether, cyclohexane, chloroform…). This very common instrument may be modified and adapted to meet your needs.

Référence Capacity Shape - Key
AMPB0100CP 100ml pear shape - PTFE key
AMPB0100CV 100ml pear shape - glass key
AMPB0250CP 250ml pear shape - PTFE key
AMPB0250CV 250ml pear shape - glass key
AMPB0500CP 500ml pear shape - PTFE key
AMPB0500CV 500ml pear shape - glass key
AMPB1000CP 1000ml pear shape - PTFE key
AMPB1000CV 1000ml pear shape - glass key
AMPC0100CP 100ml conical shape - PTFE key
AMPC0100CV 100ml conical shape - glass key
AMPC0250CP 250ml conical shape - PTFE key
AMPC0250CV 250ml conical shape - glass key
AMPC0500CP 500ml conical shape - PTFE key
AMPC0500CV 500ml conical shape - glass key
AMPC1000CP 1000ml conical shape - PTFE key
AMPC1000CV 1000ml conical shape - glass key
AMPS0100CP 100ml spherical shape - PTFE key
AMPS0100CV 100ml spherical shape - glass key
AMPS0250CP 250ml spherical shape - PTFE key
AMPS0250CV 250ml spherical shape - glass key
AMPS0500CP 500ml spherical shape - PTFE key
AMPS0500CV 500ml spherical shape - glass key
AMPS1000CP 1000ml spherical shape - PTFE key
AMPS1000CV 1000ml spherical shape - glass key

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