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      Essential oils

1: Distillation of essential oils

This instrument is used to obtain Xlitres of distillate/hour using traditional techniques in accordance with pharmacopoeia standards.

Composition of the instrument:
- a heating flask
- a vapour riser
- a condenser for condensation
- a separator

2: Extraction of essential oils

This instrument is used to determine the vegetable drug content of the essential oil, using a steam distillation process with special apparatus.

Composition of the apparatus:
- a vapour riser
- a condenser to condense the vapours.
- a graduated tube for decantation.
- a receiving flask

N.B: 1 and 2 refer to photos
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Référence Désignation Capacité
DISTHE2000 Distilateur d'huiles essentielles 2000ml
DISTHE4000 Distilateur d'huiles essentielles 4000ml
DISTHE6000 Distilateur d'huiles essentielles 6000ml
EXTRHE2000 Exctracteur d'huile essentielles 2000ml
EXTRHE4000 Exctracteur d'huile essentielles 4000ml
EXTRHE6000 Exctracteur d'huile essentielles 6000ml

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