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Van Slyke

The Van Slyke instrument is used to determine the quantity of dissolved carbon dioxide in a wine

A small quantity of wine is poured into a degassing tube using a dropping funnel. The vacuum is produced by the depression of the mercury contained in the tube, using a rubber vacuum tube and an expansion bulb, the heights of the tube/expansion bulb mercury are balanced and the dissolved carbon dioxide reading is taken at the top of tube which is graduated in grams of CO2 per litre. This titration method in is very simple, fast and accurate.

Composition of the instrument:
- bulb splash head
- Van Slyke burette

Référence Name Observation
0260001 Van Slyke complet device complet
0260002 Van Slyke tube 1 meter
0260010 Guard funnels
0260011 Graduate burettes

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