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      for volatile acidity in wine

This instrument is used to determine the content of volatile acidity, made up of fatty acids belonging to the free or salified acetic series. Its titration enables monitoring of the composition of the wine while it is being made and to avoid volatile acidity produced by lactic and acetic acid bacteria.

Composition of the apparatus:
- a 2-litre vapour–generating bulb
- a scrubbing flask
- a condenser
- an extraction column

There are 3 different models.
The ACV1: the most simple. The different parts are connected by rubber tubes, and the apparatus is heated by gas (Bunsen burner). The cocks are made of glass.
The ACV2: More compact owing to the spherical connections, it is also more efficient than the ACV1. Also heated by gas, it is characterised by the addition of a second burner under the scrubbing flask.
The ACV3: identical is to the ACV2 but heated electrically using a boiler fitted with two 500W resistors.

Reference Name
ACV1 Complete device statif, bruleur, verrerie
ACV2 Complete device statif, bruleur, verrerie Sélectionné...
ACV3 Complete device Electrique
ACVD1 Distillation column for ACV1
ACVD2 Distillation column for ACV2
ACVG1 Generative vapor flask for ACV1
ACVG2 Generative vapor flask for ACV2
ACVR1 Condenser for ACV1
ACVR2 Condenser for ACV2

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