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Condensers are used in laboratory assemblies to cool and condense chemical species in gas form. That they are mainly used to collect a liquid during a distillation process, or to prevent loss of matter through evaporation, namely in the event of reflux heating.

There are several types:

- The straight, so-called “Liebig” condenser is used during distillation processes. An elbow-type adaptor can be fitted to it to enable better evacuation of the distillate to the Erlenmeyer flask.
- The so-called ‘Allihn’ bulb condenser is used during reflux heating processes. The bulbs favour the cooling process by increasing the contact surface area between the gases and the cold walls.
- The ‘Graham’ spiral coil condenser is a condenser through which a cold liquid travels, cooling the vapours and provoking condensation by heat exchange.

“ With or without ground stoppers, the dimensions are standard, but we are also able to manufacture all types of condenser on request”.

Référence Name lengh
REFB160 with bulbes 160mm
REFB250 with bulbes 250mm
REFB400 with bulbes 400mm
REFVI360 Vigreux type 360mm
REFVI600 Vigreux type 600mm
RFC160 with chicanes 160mm
RFC250 with chicanes 250mm
RFC400 with chicanes 400mm
RFD160 straight type 160mm
RFD250 straight type 250mm
RFD400 straight type 400mm
RFS160 spiral type 160mm
RFS250 spiral type 250mm
RFS400 spiral type 400mm

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