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Glass-encapsulated precision thermometers to ensure efficient protection of the graduation scale. They may be controlled by the National Test Laboratory, in which case the rod would feature an indelible mark.

There are several types:
- ‘ Régie’ type in 0.5
- alcohol or mercury
- with or without PTFE sheath
- wood or stainless steel mount
- golden or chrome pen
- for laboratory or industrial use

All of our thermometers are delivered with protective casing.
- thermometer robustness
- reading accuracy
- diversity of applications and models
- safety due to state-controlled equipment

N.B. These thermometers are made of soda-lime glass for optimum thermal exchange and therefore greater precision.

L050013 THER-TIGE Alcool -10°+ 60°C tige émaillée Ø 6 mm
L050015 THER-TIGE Alcool -10°+110°C en 1 Tige émaillée Ø 6 mm
L051021 THER-TIGE Mercure -10°+ 60°C tige émaillée Ø 6 mm
L051022 THER-TIGE Mercure -10°+110°C tige émaillée Ø 6 mm
LC53002 THER S/PLAQUE Alcool -10°+110°C en 1°C Tige émaillée Ø 6 mm
OE051010 THER-REGIE 0°+35°C non contrôlé en 1/2°C
OE051011 THER-REGIE 0°+50°C non contrôlé en 1/2°C
OET42015 THER-REGIE 0°+35°C contrôlé LNE en 1/2°C
OET42016 THER-REGIE 0°+50°C contrôlé LNE en 1/2°C
OEV50021 THER-de-CUVE-BOIS -20°+90°C Alcool
TTA040 THER-TIGE Alcool 0°+40°C au 1/2 tige émaillée Ø 6 mm

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