Scientific glassware
Route de la Gare
37210 Noizay, France

Phone +33 247 52 11 48
Fax : +33 247 52 00 69

      Our raw materials and equipment

We mainly use borosilicate glass, in the form of full blowpipes or tubes of three different thicknesses (thin, average and thick) and of a diameter varying between 3 and 400 mm.

Extremely resistant to thermal shock, this glass is particularly adapted to the processes required to make our products. It can resist temperatures of up to approximately 400°C as long as the cooling process is slow and gradual. Borosilicate glass can also tolerate most chemical products, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and alkaline solutions which attack the glass.

Certain specific items are made of soda lime or quartz glass, for specific technical reasons (wetting, operating temperature, etc).

Our main production means include :

- 9 blowing lathes
- 2 semi- automatic machines for shaping butyrometer components
- 3 chopping machines
- 3 polishing lathes
- 1 mechanical lathe
- 2 dividing machines
- 2 pantographs
- 4 annealing furnaces

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