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      Milk hydrometers

The hydrometer allows to determine the density of a liquid into which we plunge it according to the principle of Archimède.

It consists of a cylindrical hull acting as ballcock and of a gradual stalk. Readings are taken at the meniscus summit at 20°C.

There are several models of hydrometers (with or without thermometers) which cover a range from 1.015 to 1.035 and subdivisions of 0.0005, 0.0002 and 0.0001.

Density hydrometers for milk are manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards.

Delivered in a plastic case.

Référence Name Scale
AR1540 density 1015-1040-1/2
AR1545 density 1015-1045-1/2
AR2040 density 1020-1040-1/5
AR2535 density 1025-1035-1/5
AR2537 density B35-522 1025-1037-1/10
ARD154 Dornic Thermometer 1015-1040-1/2
ARQ154 Quevenne thermometer 1015-1004-1/2

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